Primal April: My 30 Day Challenge


March 31, 2013 by vivjm

If you’ve read my “about” page, you’ll know that as a family we are transitioning to eating according to primal/paleo principles.  The boys are not quite ready to give up their (gluten free) bread, rice and pasta, but I think I am.  I have been cutting down on grains and sugars over the last few weeks and I am now ready to give eating primal style a proper go.  I have challenged myself, for the month of April, to eat a 100% primal diet.  I will be referring to Mark Sisson’s Primal Food Pyramid for guidance:


Basically, this entails saying NO to grains, sugar and legumes.  And for these 30 days I will also be saying NO to alcohol.

And saying YES to meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables.  I will also be eating moderate amounts of fruit, nuts and seeds, and high fat cultured dairy.

I originally thought of doing Whole30, but I honestly don’t believe from my observations that I have a problem with the small amount of cultured high fat dairy I eat.  I don’t drink pasteurized milk, but have home made goats milk yogurt, plus goats butter and cheese from time to time.

Why Primal?

I am not overweight and I don’t have any serious health problems.  However, like a lot of people (most people?) I do have some niggling minor health annoyances like digestive issues, premenstrual syndrome and skin breakouts.  I don’t feel ill, but I don’t think I feel as awesome as I could!  I have done a LOT of reading about food over the last year or so and this is the approach that feels right for me.

I am interested to see if following a strict primal/paleo diet can eliminate these niggles and put me on the path of glowing health.

So, over the next month, I will be posting about my progress.  Feel free to follow me, and if you have any great tips, feel free to share them too.  I don’t think it will be easy, but I am hoping it will be worth it.  And it’s only 30 days, right?


2 thoughts on “Primal April: My 30 Day Challenge

  1. Julie says:

    I am very interested in seeing how you get on. It would be great if it sorted out the niggles for you.

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