Failure or Compromise? From 100% to 80:20


April 9, 2013 by vivjm

Oh dear. I fell off the 100% primal wagon. No, I didn’t dash out and eat a McDonald’s or a box of doughnuts. But I did decide, after 7 days of 100% compliance, that this was stressing me out too much. I was spending all of my time thinking about food, working out what to eat next, which left very little energy for anything else! So, instead of 100%, I am going to shoot for 80/20. In his post on the 80/20 principle, Mark Sisson states “if you align your life with the PB principles 80% of the time, consider yourself on course.” Although I am committed to aligning my food choices to this way of eating, realistically I am not going to panic when I realise that my favourite Lebanese 7-spice mix contains a tiny amount of cornmeal. Or worry about the sugar in my 90% cocoa dark chocolate. And, sometimes, particularly when eating away from home, it may be necessary to compromise with a gluten free bread roll, or a small portion of rice.

I am not fat or sick, so I think that maybe I can allow myself this little bit of leeway. Or maybe I’m just looking for reasons not to commit to this. But I prefer to think of it as less of a failure and more of a compromise :-).

On the blog front, I am not proving to be a very good food blogger. I keep making these great recipes, then completely forgetting to photograph them to write about. Doh. Must try harder!


One thought on “Failure or Compromise? From 100% to 80:20

  1. Julie says:

    Very sensible decision. Less time thinking about food, and more time buying books is what I say!

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