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  1. Failure or Compromise? From 100% to 80:20


    April 9, 2013 by vivjm

    Oh dear. I fell off the 100% primal wagon. No, I didn’t dash out and eat a McDonald’s or a …
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  2. The Challenges of Gravy, No Peanut Butter and Picnics


    April 3, 2013 by vivjm

    Well, I made it through day two and three of my primal eating challenge. For the most part I have …
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  3. Primal April: My 30 Day Challenge


    March 31, 2013 by vivjm

    If you’ve read my “about” page, you’ll know that as a family we are transitioning to eating according to primal/paleo …
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  4. Vegetables for Breakfast? Don’t Mind if We Do!


    March 27, 2013 by vivjm

    For me, one of the greatest advantages of home educating has been not having to rush around like crazy to …
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